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alex and alwin morgenstern at hre commercial real estate


The MORGENSTERN TEAM at HRE Commercial is a renowned collective of Real Estate Professionals, offering round-the-clock, year-round services to the commercial real estate clientele. Our unwavering dedication facilitates successful property transactions from inception to completion, consistently aiding both buyers and sellers in meeting their respective objectives.

Our organizational structure at HRE Commercial is innovatively designed to empower a wide array of stakeholders—ranging from investors and property owners to brokers and agents—with our impactful marketing tactics, leading-edge tools, pioneering technology, and robust support framework. Our comprehensive advisory services are designed to provide well-rounded, thorough guidance to our clientele.

With a proven track record in the Southern California commercial real estate market, we have been dedicatedly catering to our client’s needs since 2004. Our specialized knowledge encompasses critical segments of the local commercial real estate markets in Southern California.

Alwin Morgenstern and Alex Morgenstern, central figures of the MORGENSTERN TEAM, have gained recognition for their unparalleled marketing and negotiation prowess, which consistently outshines their competitors.

Our team is a synergistic fusion of seasoned expert agents and innovative Generation Z agents, creating an ideal blend of experience and fresh perspectives. This multifaceted assembly strengthens our capacity to adapt and respond to the constantly evolving real estate market, placing us a step ahead in marketing and negotiation prowess.

We distinguish ourselves through our pioneering marketing techniques for traditional real estate, which defy conventions and equip our clients with the requisite tools to attain their real estate ambitions.

Dipl.-Ing. Alwin Morgenstern

CA License #01423948

Cell Phone: +1 (949) 285 – 1310

Email: alwin@morgensternteam.com

Alex Morgenstern

CA License #02088424

Cell Phone: +1 (949) 910 – 3619

Email: alex@morgensternteam.com